Rugged PS3 Can Withstand War Zones

No kidding.  This PS3 was “ruggedized” for use in Afgahnistan.  I have a soft spot for DIY projects and video games.  Now if you add to that the fact that I’m a military brat, this thing kinda steals my heart.  Realistically, what tough guy doesn’t want a video game system that is tough as nails?  This mod seems to take the cake when it comes to durability.

The project was built for the Ben Heck show, episode 9.  This thing has everything you’ll need to play your favorite games after the apolocolypse, except, maybe it’s own power source.  What this thing does include is a 22” LCD screen, built-in speakers, a TV tuner, a network switch and a storage compartment.

No doubt that eve the soldiers deployed over seas in combat zones probably need a little break every now and then.  Something tells me that there is no end to the game playing that happens once these guys take off their gear.  Hell, I guess there’s not even a reason to take the helmet off.   This case is clearly designed to withstand being tossed around and moved from location to location – but looks like it could also deal with the sand and weather that a soldier might face while deployed.

Ben Heckendorn is a little bit of a celeb on the Interwebs. Some of you may be familiar with his show or his podcasts.  You can check out some of his other projects at his blog or on Youtube.  Ben Heck has made a name for himself modding all sorts of video game systems and computers.  This guy definitely knows what’s up when it comes to making cool DIY mods of gaming gear.

If this is the sort of project that grabs your attention, then you should  hop over to the review we did of seventeen military-inspired gadgets, which seem to be a little-sci-fi and a whole lot of cool.  Then again, since most fans of military gear also happen to be fans of guns, you should probably check out the assault rifle design with sniper mod .

Via: Ben Heck