The Best Opening Weekends at the Box Office

The Hunger Games didn’t come out of nowhere, already being one of the most successful books series in recent years, with record breaking e-book and its kind numbers. But this kind of success? Over $150 during the weekend? That puts it right up there as one of the most successful openings in cinematic history.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

David Yates directed the final four films in the Harry Potter film series, improving his box office averages quite handsomely during those 5 years. The last and ultimate Harry Potter installment, the second half of the seventh book adaptation opened on July 15, 2011, bringing in a record $169.1 million during the opening weekend. It set records for advanced ticket sales, best midnight opening and IMAX midnight opening, eventually making $1.3 Billion worldwide.

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins made such a good impression on everyone, TDK was bound to be a hit. But I think few expected it to be this dominating. It $158 million on the opening weekend, setting a new record at the time which held on for three years. Eventually, after re-releasing the film, the movie crossed the $1 billion mark. I wonder if The Dark Knight Rises can beat these numbers.

The Hunger Games

The anti-twilight? I’m not too sure. It does have a girl choosing between two boys at some level, but it’s filled with other stuff too, unlike the vampire movies everyone loves to hate. The Hunger Games made over $152 million on its opening weekend, already covering the $78 million budget.

Spider-Man 3

Speaking of movies people love to hate… It was hugely successful, bringing home $151 million on its opening weekend in 2007 ( The summer of 3’s), finishing with $890 million worldwide. Still, it got a bad rep, plus the three villains syndrome which always hurts movies, cancelling the next sequel and making Sony re-boot the franchise. Funny to think of a $1 billion film that made studio’s change the cast and director.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twilight… The movies that keep making money because boyfriends are afraid of saying no to their girls. That’s my theory at least, having being dragged to the theater twice (saw the first two films at home) to watch mostly nothing happen on screen with Bella, Edward and Mr. Abs. The movie made $142 million on its opening weekend, grossing $709 worldwide. The next film in the series, Breaking Dawn (Part I) comes next on the weekend list with $138 million.