Scorpions for Charity: Artist Designs to Support the Children

Scorpions are normally known for being fatally poisonous. It would be hard to believe that any scorpion could serve a good cause. But it is true that one scorpion is sure to be part of a very good cause – to help children live their dreams. This is a Lego scorpion created by Dave Kaleta.

The Scorpion created by Dave Kaleta is a Lego figure which was part of the MOC Olympic winning build. MOC is a website created by a Lego fan for Lego fans. Fans create their figures out of Lego blocks and are free to submit it to MOC (My Own Creation) where these creations are featured. The website has several contests with MOC Olympic being one of them. Since Dave Kaleta’s Scorpion was part of a winning build in the MOC Olympic it must have been one of the best entries in the contest.

Kaleta has decided to give up his Scorpion for the cause of supporting underprivileged children. He is donating this creation of his to the Creations for Charity event.

Lego creations have always been a source of fun and enjoyment for generations. Children give shape to their imaginations and adults too make equally good use of them. As part of the Creations for Charity event members donate their creations for sale. This fundraiser program has members selling and raising money to help buy Lego sets to support the Toys for Tots program.

To look at it from a distance these are three organizations running individually. However, each one has millions of people attached to it. And many of these people are connected in some way. Either by being Lego fans, donators or both.  Broadly speaking, it is a noble cause that has brought these people together. In real life these people may not know one another but are still tied together through one organization or another. The MOC accepts Lego creations from its fans. It is these fans that decide to donate their creations to the Creations for Charity event which in turn raises money for the Toys for Tots Foundation.

If you are a Lego fan and have been contributing to the MOC pages you are part of the Lego fan community. This community in turn has people like Dave Kaleta who are kind enough to give up their best creations for the good of others through Creations for Charity.

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Via: Brick Link