Adventure Books Carry On the Breaking Bad Legacy

If you’re reading this it means that you’ve survived the Breaking Bad finale. These Choose Your Own Adventure books might look like the perfect way of living this TV show’s tensest moments all over again.

Breaking Bad is the kind of story that stays with you long after it’s finished. The addictive nature of this drama could be noticed from the very first episode. There were plenty of moments that left a mark on us, and for a long time from now, we’ll crave for something like this series. What will we watch now, that Breaking Bad has ended? That’s a question that haunts a lot of us. Maybe we should wait for Vince Gilligan to make another hit. Or maybe we should read Breaking Bad-related books, such as these Choose Your Own Adventure ones.

The Choose Your Own Adventure books are something that AMC could capitalize on. They don’t yet exist, and probably never will, but the concept behind them is still amazing.

The first one, You Are a Kingpin, features on its cover Saul, Walter, Jesse, Mike, Gus and the two Mexican nutheads from the Salamanca family. As far as the background is concerned, there is a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant at the top (which between you and me, seems to be the perfect cover story for a multi-million drug empire), and some blue meth scattered between the characters.

The Desert Lair of Tuco opens the way to a whole new series of choices you could make. The cover of this one has Tuco and Tio Salamanca on one side and Walt and Jesse on the other. The Heisenberg hat adorning the top of the cover is an excellent touch.

Escape from the Neo-Nazi Pit has Jesse, Todd and Uncle Jack, a trio that doesn’t exactly end up well. Every “villain” from this series has a personality that makes you love Walter, regardless of how bad he has become. Todd and his uncle may seem evil, but in my opinion, it was Gus Fring to set the bar high.

The X Files, which also came from Vince Gilligan’s head, is my favorite TV show ever, but Breaking Bad is very-very close. So… thank you, Mr. Gilligan, for incredible stories you have created! Goodbye, Breaking Bad!

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