Fifty-Five Brick Riddles to Celebrate Fifty-Five Years of LEGO

LEGO celebrated in January its 55th anniversary. On this occasion, it showcased 55 mind twisting riddles, each of them being a pop culture reference.

The Danish¬†company is aware that anything can be built with its bricks. From buildings to cars and from ideas to stories. In fact, each of the posters requires people to imagine something in order to unlock the riddle. Some of the them are obvious, such as Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, pictured below, while others are nearly impossible.

The hint featured on each of the posters has one of the following forms:

  • Imagine a Song
  • Imagine a Band
  • Imagine a Movie
  • Imagine a Children’s Story
  • Imagine a Singer
  • Imagine a Book

Looking at the image is sometimes enough for figuring things out, but other times, the hint is essential.

Pictured above is Reservoir Dogs, one of the best movies of the past two decades, but just a regular for Quentin Tarantino. The ones who have watched the movie should remember that each of the main characters was named after a color, just like in the above poster.

Next is Purple Rain, one of the most popular songs of Prince. While I’m not a big fan of his, I do enjoy this song, as it reminds me of a time when MTV was synonym to listenable music and not mainstream garbage.

Bookworms will be delighted to find Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick; or, The Whale among the riddles, with the hint: “Imagine a book”.

Since most of LEGO’s products are targeted towards children, the company couldn’t have forgotten them. The Tortoise and the Hare is hidden in the above poster, with only the “Imagine a children’s story” hint.

I wish I could have posted all 55 posters, but I’ll have to stop at The Rolling Stones.
If you want to see all of them (and you should!), check the following link. I must admit that I’m very impressed with this company. LEGO certainly knows how to push the edge of the envelope.

The guys at Gizmodo are giving away a nice LEGO set to the first person to guess all of them. Some people are unsure about several answers, so if a winner hasn’t been chosen already, you’re free to give it a try. One thing you should remember, though: this really is a difficult challenge!

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