The Incredible Milennium Falcon PC & Mac Mod

Mac or PC, whatever your choice is, there’s a place for you in our huge galaxy. But if you’re like Han Solo and think loyalty is over-rated, you can go for both, in a Millenium Falcon case. Aaaw yeah.


It’s mix and match time! This is a Millennium Falcon Legacy turned into a computer case that holds a Mac AND a PC both. Now, you can have the best of both worlds without having to launch bootcamp. The genius behind this is a guy who goes by the name of kenbots, who won the ‘Deconstruct for GOOD’ competition by VISIO, a contest which requests fans to be creative with old PC parts, to get creative with the junk in your garage.

As you can see it booting in the video below, you’ll notice the cooling fans make a sound that should remind you of spaceship taking off. This is the only time ever we’ve thought a loud computer was a good idea, you know? Nice touch.


Source: Obvious Winner

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