Bride & Groom in Zombie Style

Amanda Kopp isn’t just a wedding photographer, having been around the world (according to her portfolio), but she makes weddings look pretty awesome on camera, especially if she has a creative couple to work with.

Geeky weddings are the best kind (at least in our book), and this time, we catch a glimpse of Phil and Sarah, who decided that making a photo shoot as Zombie bride & groom will be the best way to remember them tying the knot. They did actually say their vows this way; they just did a whole lot of pre-wedding acting while wearing very awesome zombie makeup.

And How They Really Look Like

Sarah and Phil, a cool couple.

For Amanda Kopp’s homepage, just go through here, wedding and more. If you’re into the whole geeky wedding idea with a nice little Halloween and spooky twist, we’ve got the thing just for you.