Freakish Camera Hat Takes Panoramic Pictures

There are already apps that let you take panoramic shots from your digital camera and sometimes even smartphones but it is still not possible to capture special moments as and when they happen all around you.

Mikeasaurus has unveiled a special headgear which was built with film-based disposable cameras stuck to an improvised headband fashioned from the top of a plastic garbage can. This is one helluva camera hat!

The trick was to trigger all the cameras to shutter at once. Had it been a set of digital cameras, it would have been easy but these cameras are all spring-loaded shutter releases which made the task a little difficult. He used six servo motors to push the buttons for him. The photos did not all turn out well but the ones that came out well were worthy enough to be spoken about.

No matter what the guy must have thought his photographic endeavor would turn out like, a headgear like that could surely turn a lot of heads around and even if one were to capture magic moments, the 360 degree panoramic photographs would reveal surprised and amused faces all around. You could also learn how to convert your SLR Camera to a Pinhole Camera. If you are not much of a camera person, take a look at the Olympus Camera Cake and eat it instead.