How to Change Back Your Default Email on Facebook

While you were sleeping, Facebook went ahead and changed your default email address on your profile. Here is how you can change it back.

You probably did not notice it but Facebook made a change to your profile…they changed your default Facebook email address. WHAT? That’s right, without consent, Facebook removed your regular email account and gave you one that ends with “” This is an email system that was first launched a bit ago but never really took off the ground. Everyone ignored it because who needed it. I didn’t. Did you? Well, Facebook wants everyone to need it to try to get the¬†Facebook email address to become relevant. Not cool Facebook.

But do not fret because this is not a permanent change. Our friends over at Gizmodo have provided instructions to change back your email to your Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email you may have.

1. Click the “About” link under the contact information.

2. Find “Contact Info,” and click “Edit.”

3. Switch the crossed out circle symbols to full circle symbols for every box you want to be visible on your Facebook profile.

4. If you want to change the Facebook email address to make sure it does not show up, switch from a full circle – “Shown on Timeline” – to a crossed out circle – “Hidden from Timeline.” While you do this, you can also look over your privacy settings to make sure everything else is in order…why not.

Dear Facebook, please do not ever, ever do this again. Sincerely, the millions and millions of people who use Facebook and were just a little bit pissed about changing up our personal information.

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