The Most Patriotic Game Console: Captain America Xbox 360 Mod

Now that the Xbox 360 is approaching the end of its cycle and they’re extremely cheap, it’s the best moment to start modding and getting creative with them.

Captain America Xbox 360 mod 1

The Xbox 360 just got a bit cooler: drawing inspiration from the Avengers leader, Captain America, Zachariah Cruse created this Xbox 360 mod you can see in the picture above. It uses the colors seen in the suit, and in the American flag (hence, the patriotic console!). It also features a mounted shield and wings (like the ones Cap wears on his mask) at the sides, and a blue LED light to draw some extra attention. If you like the art, but are not exactly into the theme, you should know that Zach also does work on commission, so you may visit his website and hit him with another proposal.

Source: Ubergizmo

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