Katamari Damacy Gamma Type Stirling Engine By Mike Choi

A great fan creation that will move your heart. Because it’s an engine. And engines move things, get it?

Mike Choi Katamari Damacy engine image 1

Rolling, rolling, rolling… Katamari rolling… rolling, rolling, rolling… roll high! Heh, sorry there friends. My word, those Katamari Damacy games from Namco Bandai get me every darn time; there’s just something about a flamboyantly silly sphere-moving puzzler that makes me happier than Gallagher at a farmers market (Yes! I know. Those commercials are great!)

And I’m willing to bet the whole kitchen sink that if you devote 200 hours to build an impressive homage to it, so must the person in question. I’m speaking of Mike Choi and his Gamma Type Stirling Engine he built for a mechanical engineering class final that awesomely resembles the little Prince from Katamari Damacy rolling his precious planet-building Katamari.

Mike Choi Katamari Damacy engine image 2

First and foremost, a Gamma Type Stirling Engine does NOT make people into Incredible Hulks (to my utter disappointment. Really, people? Let’s get someone on this, pronto.) It’s actually a heat engine that moves its pistons back-and-forth by a constant succession of compression and expansion of air or some other type of gas.

Sounds cool, huh? Well it also makes the little Prince roll his Katamari at a fine pace, one that the great King of the Cosmos would be proud of, as illustrated in the video below provided by Mike. Check it out and watch both science (SCIENCE!) and a stellar videogame tribute in action.

I really hope Mike got an awesome grade for this. Seriously, I’d give him A+’s for the rest of his collegiate career if I could, this puppy is something else. And that something is outstanding! Thinking of which, this also reminds me of many other things that are outstanding. I’m talking about using lasers to build gingerbread houses and classy-looking watches on Walyou, of course.