Shimmering CD Recycle Art

With changing times the type of waste that the world is producing has also undergone huge changes with electronic waste being one of the major contributors. These are times when the world is sitting on a hill of electronic waste which is not even easy to break down and recycle. In such circumstances that are selected group of artists and designers who come up with diverse ideas to make use of all such garbage. One such idea has been portrayed in the form of Waste Landscape.

The term Waste Landscape may evoke images of some rustic form given to a whole lot of waste products but in reality it is quite the opposite. In fact it has a special digital effect to its credit, thanks to the 65,000 CDs it is comprised of.

Architect Clémence Eliard and artist Elise Morin decided to approach the thought of recycling old and unwanted CDs in a very innovative manner and came up with an entire landscape feature. Calling it Waste Landscape they sewed together CDs to create massive sheets which were later placed on artificially created inflated hillocks. The end result was six shiny hillocks spread over a sprawling 500 square meter area. This artistic creation is currently on display at the Centquatre in Paris.

There was a time when CDs were very popular as they were one of the best storage devices at some point of time. With emerging technology the CD lost its importance due to its limited storage capacity with other devices being preferred over the CD. This led to a step motherly treatment towards it with its utility shrinking day by day. In such a situation what happens to the large number of CDs that every household owns. Many people come up with innovative ideas like creating coasters, wind chimes, painted pieces of art, and a lot more such products. However, it is for the first time that CDs have been used on such a large scale to help spread the message.

Waste Landscape is going to visit a couple of places to bring about awareness about the amount of junk we create. It aims to tell people that recycling is one of the best options which should always be adopted to keep Mother Nature safe from toxins and clean. Waste Landscape will be going through a couple transformations before it is finally broken down and recycled in to polycarbonate. Till then it is a fine piece of creation with a very well thought out idea.

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