CES 2020: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Is a Premium Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

If you thought there weren’t many high-end Chromebooks around, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was announced at the CES 2020. It will compete with Google Pixelbook which was launched towards the end of 2017. Though your usual Chromebook isn’t a high powered mean machine, it lets you browse and run a few Android apps easily. People prefer Chromebooks because they are easy to carry around, and do the job that most people need to do. However, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a high-powered machine that brings top notch features.

Here are some of the most important features of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook:

  • A stunning 13.3-inch 4K UHD touchscreen display with which you can operate the Chromebook
  • A gorgeous AMOLED screen made perfect by Samsung technology
  • Samsung will soon enable HDR support via a software update
  • The display rotates 360 degrees, so that you can work comfortably
  • 10th generation Intel core processors that power the machine
  • 16 GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage, both of which ensure that this Chromebook can give MacBook a run for its money

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook looks gorgeous

This is one of the most glamorous laptops to carry around. It will surely attract stares and questions when you go to a coffee shop or airport. Thanks to its sleek edges and thin bezels, those who are into aesthetically designed gadgets will be impressed. It only has a thickness of 9.9 mm when closed, making MacBook Pros seem clunky. The stylus lets users interact with the screen easily. In addition, the display can be turned around 360 degrees and used as a tablet.

A premium Chromebook that is tightly integrated with Samsung Galaxy phones

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is tightly integrated with its Galaxy range of phones. You can easily make calls and send messages right from the Chromebook. Instant backups, top-notch security and close to 8-hour battery backup ensure that this is a machine that needs to be taken seriously. You can choose between Mercury Gray and Fiesta Red. The device starts at $999.99 for 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage and i5 Core processor. Of course, you will have to spend more for a premium version.  It will be available sometime during the first quarter of 2020.