This Charger Can Replenish Your Xbox One Controller Battery In 1 Minute

A company by the name of PDP was present at CES 2016 where they showed a charger that could recharge an Xbox One controller battery in one minute. Read all the details in this feature!



Among all the new trinkets, technology and gadgets that appeared and were discussed at CES 2016, there was a quite interesting piece of hardware for Xbox One owners: a super charger for Xbox One wireless controllers that could completely replenish its battery in just under 60 seconds. This new technology for batteries already has a first working prototype, and according to what PDP said to popular gaming website Polygon, it works perfectly. Let’s admit it, too: the fact that there’s a product out there that can charge a battery in one minute and provide us with between eight and ten hours of continuous gameplay is nothing short of amazing.




The man in charge of the creation of such a device, Christopher Dingle, explained that this technology is unlike any other found on other fast-charging gadgets. PDP have straight up created a new type of power pack that doesn’t just work like regular lithium-based batteries, and basically doesn’t produce a chemical reaction to generate energy, but the energy is produced through physical reactions instead in a completely different process. This means that the useful life of the product will last way longer than a regular lithium battery and provide you with many years of gaming in comparison. Sure, getting a charger dock is an investment, but if you take good care of your systems, a gadget like this could even end up saving you money.


As of now, there is no confirmation nor release date for this product, or even the certainty that it will ever come out, but the company behind it is hopeful that they will be able to start a pre-order phase by the end of 2016 and release sometime in 2017. PDP also weren’t able to discuss a potential price for this product, but they think it’s gonna be around $99 USD – hopefully they don’t pull an Oculus and release for a much higher price! More interestingly, though, they confirmed they were also working on a PlayStation 4 version, which could be released simultaneously if they get a concept working in time.

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