Video Games Inspired Aromatic Candles

It probably isn’t the best idea to test how video games would smell, but the idea has been around ever since Scent Sciences spoke about it way back in 2011.

Video games were supposed to come with cartridges that would allow you to stimulate your olfactory senses while playing your favorite game.

It probably may not be the best idea as most video games do include some amount blood, rot, corpses and other stuff that don’t smell exactly like a bed of roses.

Cathy, aka bubbleandgeek on Etsy, has released a series of candles that are inspired by various video games and films. I must admit her candles do not really seem very scary and may probably be very pleasant in fact!

The Game of Thorns candle would smell like Ice and Fire, whereas a TARDIS-inspired candle would smell of vanilla custard. The Portal candle would come with the aroma of a chocolate cake and Harry Potter’s candle would smell like butterbeer.

The collection ranges between $8 and $12 each and I must say they make for interesting gifts to geeks. Probably, you could invite your date home over some pizza, video games with the geeky candle burning in the background. You could also learn how to make a Bacon Candle and an LED Candle.