Solar System Made Out Of Chocolate

Just about everybody loves chocolate (and many of us ate more of it over the holidays than we should have). We also love science, including astronomy. We found something that combines both of these into an deliciously geeky treat: a chocolate solar system.

The Japanese company L’eclat came up with the idea. They’ve done some incredibly detailed renderings of all eight (yeah, I know, it’s hard to let go of Pluto) planets. You can even see the continents on Earth. The planets apparently have their own individual flavors, using different ingredients for each. You’ve probably already unleashed your inner eighth-grader and invented all kinds of terrible jokes about the flavor of Uranus. (Just for the record, serious astronomers put the emphasis on the first syllable.)

Box of chocolate planets

L'Eclat choclate planets

Buying these chocolates will set you back about $50 U.S. dollars. But astronomy and science geeks as well as chocolate lovers will almost certainly find it worth every yen. For another another unusual confection, check out our post on a chocolate crab cake. If you’re still hungry, click on over to our post on some chocolates inspired by Space Invaders. And for the truly insatiable we have a list of 12 insane geeky chocolate bars and chocolate sculptures.

(Hat tip to Incredible Things.)