DIY Cardboard Hexapod Robot

If you pay any attention at all, you notice that we like robots and DIY projects. We also love cheap DIY projects, which led us to this cardboard hexapod robot project.Mike Estee has come up with the project, with the materials costing less than $100 U.S. The cardboard costs about $1.00 though you might be able to pick that up for free if you’re like me and have already have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around the house. The servo motors cost a little over $50 and the servo controllers cost around $30. The cost to build the robot assumes you have a power supply and computers. We can probably assume you at least have a computer (or at least access to one) if you’re reading this.

Cardboard hexapod robot

So how does the spider-like robot work? Here’s a video of it in action:

(Yes, I’m fully aware that spiders have eight legs. I may be a writer, but I didn’t sleep through all of biology class.) You can find detailed instructions on how to build this bot on Estee’s blog.

If you’re looking for more cheap robots, here’s a gingerbread robot built out of cardboard, as well as a Transformer built out of a Cup ‘O Noodles cup.