12 Crazy Geeky Chocolate Bars & Chocolate Sculptures

We’re not fans of stereotypes, but we gotta admit we’re room dwellers who love chocolate. And these, these are the ones that cater the most to our likes. If you’re ready for some of the geekiest chocolate treats on Earth, get your insulin and join us on this delicious list. Be warned, though, you might end up running to the closest store to get some chocolate.

Star Wars’ Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar


This one is for the ladies, who wish they could take a bite at the most charming mercenary in movie history. Now, Han is not only frozen in carbonite (that means he’s not talking, yay!), but also delicious. What more could you ask for?

Chocolate Wookies and Coconut Wampas for Star Wars Fans

Chocolate Wookie

These surfaced at GAS, and while they’re not exactly bars (hell, the Wampas aren’t really chocolate), they absolutely fit the spirit of this list. Also, they look delicious.

Coconut Wampa

Chocolate Gollum from Lord of the Rings

Chocolate Gollum

So, how about munching on good old Smeagol’s ear? The iconic Tolkien character appears in this list with a fantastic chocolate bust which captures its darkest side. Don’t eat this with the Ring on.

Nazgûl Chocolate Sculpture

Lord of the Rings Wraith

We have someone else who is after the Ring… and while this looks great, we bet it’s not as solid as the Gollum one. If you feel like mixing up chocolate and badass, here’s a Witch King of the Nazgûl for you.

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons With Cherry Brains

Zombie head Bon Bons

It doesn’t matter if you prefer watching George Romero’s movies, playing Left 4 Dead 2, or reading horror novels: Zombies always will have a place in every geek’s heart, and now your stomach too. Using cherry to fake blood is one o the best ideas we’ve heard in a while, good call!

Chocolate Pi Graph

Chocolate Pi Graph

The coolest bit about this is that in order to calculate an infinite number such as Pi, you’d need infinite chocolate chips. Yeah, we’re fans of this way of thinking.

Chocolate Gadgets

Chocolate Gadgets

Now here we have something for everyone. Wether it’s a laptop, a Blackberry phone or a remote control, we’re sure you have at least a couple of the gadgets featured in here.

Space Invaders Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Space Invaders

Chocolate Invaders gives a tasty spin to the old-school space-shooting classic Space Invaders. We might not have lasers, but we have mouths and if enemies look like this, we can’t wait to defend Earth.

 Chocolate Xbox 360 Controller

Chocolate Xbox Controller

We are pretty sure this controller won’t get you more kills in Modern Warfare 3, but hey, at least it doesn’t eat up batteries.

Chocolate DualShock 3

Chocolate DualShock 3

Sure, the Xbox controller is bigger than the DualShock 3, but that doesn’t matter much: ever since Uncharted 3 came out, we haven’t been able to put our controllers down, and we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to do so with this one either.

Chocolate Camera

Chocolate Camera

Take the most delicious pictures with this camera over here. And use the lens for your next one!

Tetris Bon Bons

Tetris Bon Bons

These bon bons look great! Fans of the classic Tetris will appreciate the love, and so will whoever gets to enjoy these along with them. We can’t wait to eat each line that gets completed.

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