Crabby for Chocolate: One Cool Crustacean Cake

If you are a lover of crab cakes, and of course you are, you are going to love Jenn Erickson’s take on the traditional treat. Though, don’t break out the butter quite yet; Jenn has something a little darker up her sleeve.

We here at Walyou appreciate a good pun now and then. So we can’t help but love Jenn’s crab cake. It’s definitely something you can sink your claws into. Get it? Because it’s a crab. Made out of cake. However, unlike traditional crabs, there is little struggle to get to the sweet goodness, and very little chance of sand in the mouth. We hope.

Jenn started making these adorably delicious crustaceans – errr creations – when her friend told her she was being shellfish for not combining her love of art and love of baking for others to enjoy. Instead of getting crabby about it, Jenn opened her own cake boutique in order to share her goodies with others. Just sea for yourself:

While she makes it look as though she whipped this up in a pinch, a great deal of love, effort and humor have gone into her cakes. Sadly, Jenn is taking a hiatus from baking and has focused on her role as a mother, so our desires to eat crab cakes will have to be put on hold for the time being. Maybe we will give baking our own crab cake a shot, just be claws we can. And while ours may will turn out more cartoonish and decidedly less awesome, it will be worth the effort for the puns alone.