Editor’s Pick: An Ultimately Geeky Christmas Gift Wish List

The Holiday Season is here! With 16 days left until Christmas, 17 until Kwanzaa and only 11 days until Chanukkah, it’s time to get shopping and grab the gifts for the geeks on your list.

You want to dazzle your friends and family by showing up with the best Christmas presents you can. Here, I’ve gone through and chosen some of my favorite items that any geeky guy or gal should be very happy to receive (hint, hint, boyfriend, sister, gal pals).

What’s on your gift wish list this year?

Outer-Space Inspired Glow in the Dark Night Light

Even after childhood, we still are wary for the monsters hiding out in our closets. The Glo Nightlight is a very stylish way to ease our minds … and perhaps gain some brownie points with the aliens stopping by.

This night light lamp has three stems each hold a glowing ball. The balls charge through the base and can be removed individually while lit. They’re cool to the touch and act as a modern-day candlestick while walking through an eerily dark house … or perhaps just heading downstairs to spy on Santa. This is a great gift for kids or even works well as a present for insomniacs. It is available for $79.99.

Hot/Cold LED Light Shower Head

Tired of stepping into the shower only to be greeted by ice-cold water? This LED light shower head helps combat the problem in a very simple, yet very cool way. When the shower faucet is lit up with a blue light, that indicates the water is still cold. Once the light changes to red, it’s time to get in for a steamy shower session. It can be installed within only a few minutes by anyone, even adults that don’t RTFM. What’s even cooler, you can save your AA batteries for other gadgets … this shower head is powered by internal turbine.

While this cool shower head usually costs $49.99, it is now on a special Holiday Sale for only $29.99

Fully-Loaded Executive Alarm Clock

If you’re like me, you have one screwed up sleep schedule and waking up on time to take care of errands, just your cellphone’s alarm clock won’t  cut it. The Executive Neverlate Alarm Clock allows for two separate 7-day alarm schedules … and each one of those alarms can be set with a different time and alarm tone (your choice of 4 pre-installed ringers or 20 preset radio stations). This alarm clock allows you to plug in an Mp3 player, has a USB port, battery backup and even comes with the most important feature of all … a snooze button.

This alarm clock usually costs $59.99, but it’s now part of a Christmas sale for $44.99

LED Light-Up Umbrella

Take a journey from your every day boring life into a world of Star Wars inspired gear. This LED light umbrella transforms from a regular black rain guard to a super awesome umbrella with the simple flick of a switch. Turn on blue LED lights, reminiscent of raindrops, and even make them blink. There’s also a useful flashlight at the end of the umbrella handle, just in case you’re in the middle of a black hole. A mere $29.99 gets you prepared for the stormy season … on or off this planet.

Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Set

Join the cutting-edge top chefs and supreme barmen of the world and explore the realm of molecular gastronomy … for cocktails. It is no longer shameful for a man to order a mixed drink, but how much cooler to grab a vodka lime jelly or foam tequila sunrise!

Mix flavors with vibrant colors and textures and, oh yeah, some of the hard stuff. Chemicals like agar agar, sodium alginate, calcium lactate, cellulose, xanthan, locust bean gum and more will help you to desconstruct and reconstruct some of your favorite signature drinks. Shake up a martini that’s chilled and dry, but glows in the dark for your date! Serve up skewered Midori cubes that taste like the classic melon liqueur, but are chewed rather than sipped. This kit can help you create these things and includes more than 50 recipes for unforgettable cocktails. Impress your friends for only $79.99.

USB High-Powered Microscope

Zoom in on stuff – up to 200X. This 1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope allows you to capture some higher resolution images and video and display them on your PC using a simple USB connection. You can also take snapshots and time-lapse movies. The microscope can also be detached from the stand to allow you to get closer to large objects. $349.99 gets you this cool tool for science class professor or any science geek on your list.

USB Cassette Tape Player

The TapeExpress USB Cassette Player takes your radio-recording high school years and transforms them into MP3 files that bring your mix-tape days into the new century. The easy-to-use USB connection sends the music from your tapes directly into your Mac or PC where it’s instantly converted into MP3 files. $59.99 will get you this cool usb gadget for your high-school sweetheart to finally start listening to those romantic song mixtapes you made her so, so long ago.

The Ultimate Computer Nerd Glasses

Those who work on the web and in other high-tech sectors are stuck staring at a computer screen for upwards of 15 hours per day. Staring at the bluish light given off by monitors and those horrendous fluorescent lights in the office are giving everyone a headache from straining to focus their eyes. These Gunnar Computer Glasses help fight against this strain by shifting that blue light to a more warmer, but less fuzzier, end of the color spectrum … not to mention, they reduce glare. While this seems to be the perfect gift for coworkers, you might want to think twice … they might just end up being able to work longer and harder than you (claim to) do.

There are 5 eyeglass styles, available starting at $79.99

Phone Video Laser Projector

The MicroVision SHOWWX+ is a portable HDMI laser pico projector that features ultra clear and high contrast video with vivid color. It’s also great because you can plug it directly into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to project your favorite pictures and videos on the nearest flat surface. This makes an amazing gift for travelers on your list. Even though noone likes sharing, sometimes you have to, and it’s much easier to share the video you’re watching on your Android phone or iPhone 4s with this sweet laser projector gadget. Grab this for the globetrotter geek for $369.99, all necessary gadgets and cables included.

Night Vision Point-and-Shoot Camera

The Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera may only be 5.0 megapixels, but how many point and shoot cameras have an invisible infrared flash to light up your subjects in total darkness? This camera is a great spy gift or gift for photographers with an odd fetish for military-esque infrared photograph. It also works in a standard, non-night mode, but when you enter night-shot the infrared blocking filter normally over the lens retracts to let all infrared light through, at the same time a super-bright IR LED invisibly illuminates (to your eyes) the entire scene. The $129.99 price tag makes this a very cool, yet relatively pocketbook friendly, Christmas gift.

Retro Video Game Controller for Smartphones

The  iControlPad allows you to wirelessly connect with your smartphone and turn it into a handheld game console, no jailbreaking necessary. Your iControlPad is compatible with any device that uses Bluetooth, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and consoles. It functions as a mouse, keyboard, HID joypad, and even emulates our ThinkGeek iCade! This makes a great gift for gadget lovers at $74.99 and works with most cellphones.

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