Killer Chucky PC Case Mod

Fans of the popular horror movies with the wooden monster as the star (yes, the same one that made you pee your pants and gave you nightmares) will instantly recognize the nostalgia factor on this PC Case Mod.


While they’ve stopped making these movies, many of the people who grew up in the 90s will remember how terrifying the movies were, with scenes that inspired absolute fear in those watching it. One modder, Omar Majzoub, was inspired beyond that and took his inspiration to new heights. This case mod is pretty cool looking and is designed to look like a giant Good Guys box.


The design is pretty cool, and apart from the computer components, there are a bunch of other items which give it the nostalgic feeling. Inside the top portion of the case is a miniature version of Chucky, Bride of Chucky, and son of Chucky. It’s colourful and cost Majzoub about $2000 on this case mod which was showcased at the Campus Party 2011 Event in Brazil. Not only does it look good, it seems to work exceptionally as well.


Inside this case is a system which uses water-based coolants, an Intel i7 920 Processor, 6GB of RAM, 5TB of Hard Drive Space, and a pair of SLI GTX 460 video cards, allowing for multiple display capabilities and a full gaming experience. It also has two DVD burners, a couple of non-descript LCD displays, and a screen which looks like it could function as a DVD player. The wooden case took six months to build, and Majzoub designed it and built it with the help of his friend. The case looks really well designed, and with specs like it has, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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Via: Technabob