Cirrus, The Steampunk Guitar

People in the scene keep repeating that punk is dead. This means it’s time for a revolution, an industrial one at that, that turns good old punk into steampunk.

If you’re ready to become the lead guitarist of the Steam Pistols or The Steamones, this guitar created by the team at RPGRegalia might be just the thing you need. This guitar was made with the aesthetic values as a priority, but despite this, it’s fully functional and can be used to play with an actual band or alone. The author moved the volume and tone knobs to the lower pard of the body to give it a more steamlined look. This might be a bit unorthodox, but it does wonders to the way it looks. Also, it still features a tremolo bar.


This baby goes for sale at $1299 USD, so if you like what you see, drop by their Etsy store and check out the other pictures they have for display.

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