Colossal Art – Unofficial Pacific Rim Movie Posters

Go big or go extinct! Or just take a gander at these fantastic unofficial movie posters for Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

Tim Anderson PacRim poster image

Giant robots fighting giant monsters. If there’s a more better premise for a movie, then I haven’t found it. Likewise, that’s why I’m totally excited for the release of Pacific Rim, coming to theaters this July 12. I can’t honestly remember the last time a summer film was passionately made with my interests at heart, so missing out would be a total “jerk store” move.

Thankfully my support for the Guillermo Del Toro directed big-screen feature is heavily accompanied by fans across the world wide web. Including some mighty talented artists from, deemed the Poster Posse Project #3, who recently contributed a large gallery of unofficial movie posters for the film that look absolutely fantastic.

For the purposes of time, yours and mine, and with respects to Blurrpy – because you should totally head over there and give them their full creative due – I’ll be showcasing my favorite Pacific Rim prints from the two-page digital spread that I believe are the cream of the “huge mechs wrestling kaijus” crop.

The first Pacific Rim poster we’ll start off with today is an amazing rendition by Tim Anderson – so nice I posted it twice – who no doubt looked at Japanese Godzilla movie posters of old to draw his inspiration. I’d so love to have this beauty hanging on wall.

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson PacRim poster image

Continuing our Asian-inspired trip, here’s another Pacific Rim movie poster from U.K. web/graphic designer doaly (I actually picked two of their works from, the other you’ll see soon enough. Perhaps you can recognize the famous piece of artwork this specific print is homaging.


pr5 by doaly image

Ah, and here’s doaly’s second awesome submission while we’re at it, which captures a different feel from the above poster, but is still pretty nifty. Kinda creepy, but I like it.

pr2 by doaly image

Yes, I know what you’re about to say: needs more robots. Well, coming up is a stellar piece by Matt Ferguson that gives you just that. It’s very heroic looking.

Matt Ferguson

Pacific Rim by Matt Ferguson image

Next up is a poster by freelance illustrator Marie Bergeron, who has done good artwork for other hot properties – Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us to name one. With her entry, Marie delivers a top-notch portrait of one of the other starring mechs from the movie.

Marie Bergeron

Pacific Rim by Marie Bergeron image

Yeah, okay. The jig is up. Admittedly I’ve filled up this Pacific Rim listing with posters that have an apparent Japanese flare. But in my defense, whenever I think of monster movies featuring sky-scraper sized mutants, Japan is usually the first place my mind takes me too.

So forgive a Japanese obsessed nerd for being trapped in his old ways, especially when artists like Sharm Murugiah create chilling movie posters like these…

Sharm Murugiah

Pacific Rim by Sharm Murugiah image

…That doesn’t mean I don’t like western adaptations though! Far from it. Johnny’s Dombrowski’s take reminds me a 90s comic book cover. Bold striking colors and just an overwhelming kick-ass-ness. Kick-ass-ness? That’s a word, right? Well, it is now!

Johnny Dombrowski

Pacific Rim by Johnny Dombrowski image

The next two fan-made posters from Richard Davies and Paul Shipper awesomely bring out that old-school/new school movie poster rivalry. Not that I care which one is superiorly better, mind you.  It’s just cool see the contrast between the golden age of cinema and the modern one.

Also, I guess modern audiences hate people in their movies or something?

Richard Davies

Pacific Rim by Richard Davies image

Paul Shipper

Pacific Rim poster by Paul Shipper image

Finally, we end this grouping with some lighthearted samples from Fernando Reza and Matt Ferguson – oh, why hello there Mr. Ferguson, we meet again.

Los Angeles native Fernando Reza is no stranger to making some mighty cute designs – seriously, his line of Mario Propaganda posters are flippin’ outrageous. In a good way, of course. And with his own Pacific Rim prints, Fernando uses a action-figure theme to make a cool poster and drive home who this movie is aimed at: 8-year-olds both in age and at heart.

Fernando Reza

Of Monsters & Men by Fernado Reza image

Meanwhile, Mr. Ferguson assembles a super clever Pacific Rim take of a classic Steven Spielberg movie (Jaws) that for its time was an immense summer hit. Something I hope we can one day say about Pacific Rim – although lets not get too drunk with hype, shall we. Let’s just enjoy this movie in the now.

Matt Ferguson

Pacific Jaws by Matt Ferguson image

Pretty spectacular set of posters, huh? Yup, as I said earlier, but now including them all, each one totally deserves being framed and put on a wall. Just exceptional.

Unfortunately, that’s all for now, but again, you can head over to to check out their extended gallery of Pacific Rim movie posters. Oh, and don’t forget to see Pacific Rim in theaters this July 12. Go, or I’ll unleash a nasty kaiju on you; for realzies, I know where you live.

Okay, I can’t do that. I don’t even know where to get a kaiju, really. I do know where you can find more geeky news, like exoskeletion jackets for Japanese schoolgirls (oh, Japan, never change) and exploring the world of starships, and that’s right here on