Awesome Star Wars Tattoo Covers Entire Back

Some people say you need to be crazy to get a tattoo any larger than the footprint of the average coffee cup, while others go ahead and get the Star Wars version of the Sistine Chapel skilfully etched all across their back.


He’s certainly not the first guy to get a Star Wars tattoo – there’s been George Lucas inspired skin art on every body part imaginable, and even a girl who’s previously gotten a whole intergalactic battle full of X-wings and Tie Fighters, also all over her back, but hers doesn’t cover nearly as much skin.

Beautifully done, the artwork looks a lot like an airbrush painting, lending many to believe that it may be faked. Possible, but then again, lots of people appreciate the airbrush look, so the tattoo may be just that, a choice.

I can see Darth Vader and the Death Star, a Walker shooting lasers, Red Ninjas, Megatron and a trooper. It’s an Empire-inspired mashup through time and space, literally placing all these characters somewhere out in space, doing their thing and looking good.

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