Sno-nan O’Brien takes a tour of Tulsa

A lot of people have been cursing the recent “Snowpocalypse” that has battered much of the continental U.S. in the past two weeks. For one Team Coco fan, however, it provided material for this fantastic Conan O’Brien snow sculpture, which the artist then mounted on the back of a truck for a tour around town.

The blogging team for talk show host Conan O’Brien made a request on the page for fans to create Conan snowmen and send the photos in to the site, promising to showcase the best ones on their fan-based Flickr group. They got hundreds of great submissions, but video of this particular creation really caught their attention.

Tulsa resident Buddy Thomas meticulously sculpted and carved the life-size statue out of packed snow, adding dark red spray paint to replicate Conan’s signature red beard and pompadour hairstyle. He then dressed the statue in a suit jacket and tie, seating it behind a desk on the back of the truck and even including a small snow mug. The whole process was caught on tape, and the resulting video has so far received almost 5,000 views on YouTube since it was posted two days ago.

Team Coco enjoyed the video so much that they put it on the front page of their blog, calling it “one of the most impressively sculpted” figures submitted to the site. Unfortunately, at the end of the trip, the truck took a sharp turn and dumped the Snow Conan onto the street, where he broke apart on the pavement.

Rest in pieces, Sno-nan.

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