25 Fun and Creative Fingerprint Art Pieces

With human’s unlimited creativity, everything can be turned into art even something as simple and small as fingerprints. Using one’s unique fingerprints to create various subjects, fingerprint art must be the most personalized art ever. Here are 25 fun and creative pieces of fingerprint art that will make you desperately want to see how your own fingerprints look like in art.

Kevin Van Aelst’s Fingerprint Artwork

In any school of art, there are established artists; and Kevin Van Aelst is one of the most prominent names when it comes to fingerprint art. He uses everyday objects like cutting board, thread, toast, duck tape, etc. to create artworks that resemble his fingerprints.






Fingerprint Portraits


As we all know through Hollywood movies and detective fictions, no two fingerprints are identical which makes fingerprint even better than your own face to identify yourself. With that idea in mind, DNA 11 has come up with the idea of fingerprint portrait – a kind of personal art to decorate your own home.

Fingerprint Paper Cut Art


Via: Apartment Therapy

Fingerprint paper cut art adds a twist to the already interesting paper cut art. It combines the delicacy of paper cutting with the intricacy of a fingerprint to make ultra personalized art pieces to place on your wall or any place in your house.

Fingerprint Typography


Via: University of Texas

To celebrate the diversity yet uniqueness of the student body, the University of Texas, Austin used the names of different ethnic groups to create this amazing fingerprint typography.

Optical Illusion Fingerprint



Via: Mighty Optical Illusions

Step away from your monitor for few minutes and you will see the secret images hidden behind those fingerprints.

Charles Sabba’s Fingerprint Ink Drawings



Via: Rahway Arts District

Charles Sabba, a police sergeant and a visual artist, recreated stolen art works and illicitly smuggled antiquities, as well as art criminals’ faces, in fingerprint ink on police fingerprint cards in his own fingerprints.

Fingerprint Animals

With a little bit of artistry and creativity, one can create beautiful drawings of animals out of one’s own fingerprints. It’s not only a form of art, but also a fun thing for your kids to do to develop their creativity.


Image Source: RedBubble


Image Source: Crafty-Crafted




Image Source: Ed Emberley Thumbprint Art


Image Source: Handprint and Footprint Art

Fingerprint Plate


Via: Indian Traditional Art

The fingerprint plate is a statement of elegance, luxury and personalization.

Fingerprint Lampshade


Via: Business Week

Israeli-born designer Dan Yeffet began his idea for a lampshade with the unmistakable pattern of a fingerprint to emphasize on the loss of privacy nowadays.

Fingerprint Wedding Band


Via: Ringo Blog

A sterling silver ring imprinted with your own fingerprint is a personalized and sentimental way to show your sturdy commitment with your partner on your wedding day.

Fingerprint Leaf Pendant


Via: Magnolia Studios

Using the remembrance fingerprint of 85 year old father to make your leaf pendant is probably the sweetest way to express your love for your father.

Piaget Altiplano Fingerprint Motif Watch


Via: The Rich Times

The diamond dial of this beautiful Piaget watch derives its design from the whorls of a human fingerprint, or your own fingerprint if you supply Piaget with an impression of yours.

Fingerprint Door Handle


Via: Trendir

Made from die-cast stainless steel and dotted with fingerprints, the fingerprint door handle design of Philip Watts is a sleek, stylish complement to any old door.

Fingerprint Rug


Via: Design Milk

The fingerprint rug – a wool rug that’s printed with a fingerprint design – is the 21st century’s answer to the zebra stripe.