Nintendo 64 Revitalized With This Portable Mod

If you thought Nintendo 64 was dead, you haven’t been talking to the modding crowd lately.

David Jackson's D64 Mod

Hackaday, a popular underground video game modding/hacking site, has just uncovered a modded handheld N64 dubbed “D64”, after the engineering-savvy gaming modder known as David Jackson got his restless nimble fingers on it.

David has created a masterpiece the greatest modders can only dream of achieving–a perfectly miniaturized, fitted and molded housing for game components originally made for console that fit into your hands comfortably, all without losing any functionality whatsoever.

While you may say merging a Sony PSOne’s screen and game controls with the dated chipset of a Nintendo 64 is blasphemous, this wireless, battery powered Frankenstein is one that can allow you and even the evil spawn of your own loins (your kids) to play some of your favorite childhood games from the back seat of the car. But that’s enough teasing; watch the video build and gameplay demonstration below to see for yourself what gaming obsession can do to a man.

This little beauty features PSOne’s 5-inch screen, the original N64 D-Pad, a, b, c, and start buttons, memory and expansion cartridge slots, and even features a controller dongle to plug in an actual controller. In addition, PSOne’s own joystick remains, and the left and right trigger buttons as well as a Z button can be found on the sides and back. There’s even a fan to cool the handheld, and contrast, brightness, and volume controls for its speakers.

Best of all, of course, is that you can put your favorite game cartridges in the D64 without it sticking out the back. We’ve seen mods like this in the past, but they are rarely this small and tightly compact. For this we must toast David Jackson: Ode to miniaturizing video gaming history.

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Via: Hackaday