Crowdmug Gets You Paid for Cellphone Pics

Crowdmug is a smartphone app that gets you paid for your cellphone pics, provided that you are at the right place at the right time.

The application involves two types of users: people who request photos or videos and people who fill out these requests. The main advantage is that the people making the requests get to see a certain place exactly when they want to see it. In fact, it is possible to see real-time photos and videos from across the country, in case you get nostalgic about a certain place. The target audience of Crowdmug is represented not only by individuals, but also by businesses. Event planners and businessmen who schedule off-site meeting might be particularly interested about this app.

When first launching the app, you have two options. You can either submit a request for a photo, video or both, or you can submit a multimedia item despite there being no requests for it. If you are going to make a request, you have to enter the desired location and the desired format, along with the amount of money you are willing to pay. Besides theses, you have to mention the time frame when the photo or the video should be delivered. When the ones who take photos or shoot videos reach a certain amount, they can request to withdraw their money via PayPal.

One of my questions is: what happens if people start challenging others to take photos or shoot videos in places where such things are not allowed? No, I am not talking about Area 51 here, but of shopping malls and supermarkets, for example, where  it may be forbidden to take pictures, out of fear of competitors. Another possible downside of this app is noticed when the photo or the video is shot from a less than ideal angle. If this happens, the person who made the request must open a dispute.

Not at last, it should be noted that Crowdmug is not available outside US and despite the developer claiming that they are working on this, it is a bit unrealistic. Besides that, Crowdmug will only work in places that are very populated. Either that, or people who make the requests should have a ton of luck, so they get their videos or photos from places where humans set foot only once a year.

Crowdmug is available for free download in the iTunes App Store and according to the developer, there will also be a version for Android in the near future.

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