Currency Caps for World Leaders

World’s great leaders usually end up immortalized in their countries’ currency bills. Historians and numismatologists study these historic figures and the significance they have with respect to currency bills, in a particular country.

All this might seem very boring to many people and here is where art kicks in.

Hasegawa Yosuke has chosen some of the most prominent leaders and given them stylish hats made from their own currency bills. His crafty origami skills can be noted in his expert treatment of his subjects.

Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Mao Tse-tung, Queen Elizabeth and even Saddam Hussein are featured in his art. Probably this is a great way to encourage people to start collecting coins and currency bills, which can prove to be great way to learn world history and culture. Collectors even make a lot of money in auctions, when these currency bills go out of circulation and become rare.

I am sure Saddam Hussein currency bills will be a big hit even with those who are not particularly interested in either art or numismatology! You could also take a look at Celebrity Dollar Bills and the art exhibit which features $100,000 Bills as Wallpaper. Perhaps these art pieces will encourage you to start collecting exotic currency bills from unknown lands!