Funny Old Spice Guy Action Figure

If you were wondering who is going to ride your wild horses, well Mick Minogue’s Old Spice guy action figure might probably.

The artist created Isaiah Mustafa’s action figure for the upcoming MEMES show, organized by gallery 1988. The action figure set is awkwardly titled “Master of the Ladies” just like you would expect an old Spice shaving foam ad would scream at you. The set includes the wild horse I was talking about, man towel, sweater armor, scepter, diamond and Old Spice Body Wash Formula.

Funny Old Spice Guy Action Figure 1


It could be a great gift to someone who still remembers the funny ad campaign by Old Spice, or could also be given to someone who likes the company. Old Spice ad campaigns are typically macho, and have a number of gender codes that are stereotypically masculine. It may not be the best gift to kids, as they are known to process gender codes automatically.

Funny Old Spice Guy Action Figure 3

The packaging seems to have taken a lot of effort, and it sure does look attractive enough to be given to people who take jokes in the right sense. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Personalized Superhero Action Figures, which we had featured sometime ago. If you are in mood for satire, the Incredible Hulk Obama Action Figure is a great purchase too.