Dog Pooping Lamps: When True Class Is Not Enough

Class or not, sometimes people are just out to make an impression, and this lamps hit just the right spot. What to do with that attention, now, that’s up to you.

These lamps over here were about to be exposed on the “London’s the Art Below” exhibition on London Underground stations.  These guys behind the planning, though, banned them for being offensive. That means that now you can give them a lesson and buy them for yourself!

These were made by an artist who goes by the alias of Whatshisname, and the lamps are called ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’. The prices for ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’ are $3,800 $1,550 respectively.

Source: Oh Gizmo!

If you happen to not own your place yet, maybe you’d rather have something more politically correct. Try BANG BANG! Lights Out!, and Honeycomb Darth Vader Lampshade.