Family Creates Christmas Dalek Out of Lego

Some families like to go all out with Christmas decorations. One British family has created what might be the ultimate geeky holiday creation: a Dalek made out of Legos.

The Addis family of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, built this 7-ft tall replica of the Dalek, one of the recurring villains on the beloved science fiction show “Dr. Who.” The family took about 200 hours and used around 100,000 yellow, green, blue, red, black and white bricks. Yes, this Dalek, instead of attempting to “Exterminate!’ the Doctor, is done up in Christmas colors and comes complete with a Santa hat. The only thing getting exterminated here is perhaps your bad mood.

Dalek made out of Legos

The family’s been making elaborate Lego creations each Christmas, snapping photos of them, and putting them on Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. In the past, they’ve done the recreations of the Earls Barton Sexon church, a giantangel, the Nutcracker, choirboys, and even a Lego version of the iconic Victorian-era post boxes.

The tradition started when some friends of the parents, Mike Addis and Catherine Weightman, had some friends over to visit their new son, Tom. Remembering the fun both parents had building things out of Lego as children, they took advantage of the bricks the visitors had brought to keep their own children entertained, and started building. It was such a hit that next year, they decided to do it again. And again…

The family patriarch, Mike Addis, is also an economics teacher. Who said economics was a boring subject?

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