Dorkly Bits: Pac-Man Is Addicted to Skyrim

Skyrim is not only one of the most addictive games currently out there, but it’s even been causing other video game characters like Pac-Man to skip theirs.


Everyone’s favourite gaming humour shorts, Dorkly Bits recently released a little video that sums up the madly addictive aspects of Skyrim. So addictive is it that even the characters from other video games are skipping out on their duties, and grinding away at Elder Scrolls V.

In the video below we are treated to just another sad day at the home of Pac-Man as his wife, Ms. Pac-Man, tries to get him off the couch and back into the maze. Unfortunately, Pac-Man is too busy completing quests, killing bandits and receiving more quests.

Warning: this video contains a little bit of foul language and cartoon humour.

I like some of the little touches in the video, like the bags under Pac-Man’s eyes, his bizarre stubble, the tiny crying baby Pac-Man, and his barely comprehensive reasons for not going to work. It kind of reminds me of the day-long video game binges that every gamer succumbs to once in a while.

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