Thor in Video Game Mashups

Thor was never one of the mainstream Marvel heroes like Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four or even Iron Man and Captain America. I’m not even mentioning the X-Men.

He had his run, but Marvel always had problems with making Thor a superstar among the mainstream crowd, beyond the world of the comic books. Asgardians don’t pack much of a punch when it comes to merchandise.

But trends change, and in recent years every possible super hero seems to be getting his own feature film. Marvel had more ambitious plans than just feature films for each hero. They wanted to make feature films so they can get The Avengers released, and Thor is a major part of the Avengers.

It was no surprise to see him getting a more prominent place in comics, helping Iron Man and the returning Captain America take down Norman Osborn in a mega crossover that probably wasn’t as successful among the comic fan boys as expected.

But as a film, Thor was a delightful surprise, starring Chris Hemsworth and bringing in nearly $450 million in the box office. Popularity of the character has never been higher, which immediately leaks out to other forms of media, like video games. And I’m not talking new, featuring Thor kind of video games. I’m talking the lovable 8-bit versions we all love.

Super Odinson Bros.

Thor as Mega Man

Annoying Viking talk included, it seems.

Taking the Rainbow Road Home