15 Super Simpsons Mashups

Well into their 23rd season, The Simpsons have been around forever, or at least it seems like it. No longer the front runners of animated characters kicking social ass, their importance and relevance in pop culture, while diminished, is still greater than most shows would ever dream of achieving.

The great things about them, especially in recent years, when actually watching the episodes doesn’t really seem all the fun? The ability to mix it up with other major forces of pop and geek culture. From Star Wars to Batman, Homer in modern art or somehow making another Beatles reference, there’s more than enough for everyone in terms of art and mashing up the Simpsons all over the place.

Springfieldians as Marvel Super Heroes

The Simpsons/Adams Family

Marge & The Tramp

Simpsons – Star Wars

Dark Knight Simpsons

The Simpsons – Mario World

One question – Where’s Luigi?

Homer Cameo in Futurama

So that mean’s there’s some fat robot on the couch back home?

Homer – Peter Griffin Switcheroo

Homer as the Joker

House A-La Simpsons Style

Twitter & Homer

There’s a chance twitter would get a spike in users with this kind of theme.

Simpsons Abbey Road Cover

Simpsons & Dragonball Z

Homer & The Scream

Not what Edvard Munch had in mind.

Reservoir Simpsons

Quentin Tarantino just got an idea for one awesome sequel and he’s calling up Matt Groening.

For more Simpsons stuff, if you’re a big fan – It’s never too early to get started for Halloween, learn the Alphabet in a whole new way or some more mashups, this time Lord of the Rings style.