David Hayter vs. Solid Snake At The Canadian Video Game Awards

The voice of Solid Snake goes one-on-one with his in-game Metal Gear Solid counterpart in this amusing video.

David Hayter Solid Snake CVGA Image

Voice actors are awesome people. I’ve listened enough to Rob Paulsen’s own fantastic podcast, Talkin Toons, to have recently discover this as fact. To put it precisely, those who lend their vocal strengths to our favorite fictional characters, like Mr. Paulsen himself, a voice-acting god I should add, are good, hard-working folk that are truly gifted and have one of best jobs in all of showbiz (me so jelly).

David Hayter, a respected voice actor in his own right, no doubt belongs to that loveable group. Of course, Mr. Hayter is most recognized as Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake. Hayter’s been donning the camouflaged fatigues to Konami’s stealth video game series for more than ten years counting, but he’s been in “the business” for way longer than that, having had other voice roles, along with some on-screen duties, all listed on his resume starting back in the early 90s.

He’s no slouch in the screenwriting department, either. No sir-ee-bob. X-Men, X2: X-Men United, The Scorpion King, and Watchmen. If you’ve seen any of these movies in past few years or so (not watched at least X2 by now? that’s a paddling), then you unknowingly watched something that Mr. Hayter personally had a writing assist in.

David Hayter Solid Snake Image

So then, if you’re keeping score at home: that’s voice to a popular video game character, an actor -I’ve heard positive cult buzz about Guyver 2 (I think mostly because its way better than the first), and he did make a really convincing Russian military solider in the 90’s TV sitcom, Major Dad – and finally, Hollywood blockbuster screenwriter. Really, is there nothing David Hayter can’t do? …Hey, how about awards host?

Yup, this past weekend in the land of hockey & maple syrup, David Hayter played M.C. for the 2012 Canadian Video Game Awards hosted on G4 Canada. There, many well-deserved accolades were dolled out by the CVA Advisory Committee, including a few honors going to Eidos’s Deus Ex, and the indie developed, Sword & Sworcery.

Personally though, the true stand-out part of the award show, besides the customary all-you-can-eat Poutine, which I’m sure was served to guests, was a surly conversation between Mr. Hayter and Solid Snake that is unbelievably amazing, if not hilarious. I don’t want to spoil any more of the enjoyment to this one, so I’ll leave you to hit play on the video without any more of my jibber-jabber.

See? What did I say? Awesome people! Something you would learn too if you download and listen to Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen (available on iTunes!). If I’m giving you the subtle passive-aggressive hint to listen to the podcast, it’s because I am. Do it, you’ll thank me. And then, come back to your friends here at Walyou to check out this great tribute to 2D platformers and these 13 amazing paper-crafts.