Go Right – A Tribute To 2D Platformers & Side-Scrollers

See this emotionally moving tribute to 2D classic gaming by Rocky Planetesimal from YouTube.

Go Right Rocky Planetesimal Image 1

The first steps for almost any gamer naturally begin with this single direction. Going right. This simple action, usually found in countless 2D platformers and side-scrollers, from classics such as Super Mario Bros., to even more recently with the critically acclaimed (and woefully forgotten on retail shelves) Rayman Origins, quietly serves as our instinctual path on becoming the flag-waving, passionate gamers we stand today.

There’s a cynical part of my brain that would enjoy leaping in right now like an vile YouTube commenter and say that the most-logic reason for this is because right-handed people are the perceived human norm, especially when it comes to the creation of video games. Lefties on verge, sadly, get the short straw of the accessibility priorities list when it comes games, case in point Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS and its inadequate support for non-right handed users (unless you have Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro).

Firstly, get back in your shoe box cynical side of my brain! And second, while that’s a fitting point of debate on its own, Rocky Planetesimal’s “Go Right”, currently playing on YouTube, is trying to hit a different bulls-eye, subject wise. It’s a well-pieced, heart-felt, and transcending video montage, accompanied by the sounds of accomplished British composer Michael Nyman, paying respect to the genre of titles, which for us “old fogies” who experienced the 8-bit & 16-bit ages in real-time, acted as our primary training-wheels to the world of gaming.

I certainly did recognized a good sort of platformers and side-scrollers (Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, oh awesome, there’s Shinobi III) from my youth while watching the video below. Many of which I spent hours in my room playing till my patience grew bored, or my older sister kicked me off the TV needing to watch her Melrose Place. Looking backing now, those days seemed to fly by in a blink. Yet, those periods, however brief they seem to me at this point, had a profound significance that would last forever. Funny how life works out like that, huh?

Now here, without further a do(do… teeheehee), is Rocky Planetesimal’s Go Right.

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