13 Essential Deadpool Toys & Collectibles

The Deadpool movie came out less than a month ago and it’s already proven to be a smash hit! Here are our favorite productions based on the Merc with a Mouth, made in order to celebrate his success.

Deadpool Movie

After years and years of being a fan-favorite but not having his moment to shine under the spotlight, things have changed. Everyone in the world loves Deadpool thanks to the fantastic movie that just came out directed by Tim Miller and starred by Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. the chimichanga lover. This movie has gotten a lot of people interested in the character who might not even know where he came from, what’s the deal with him, or just how many productions based on him there are, so here’s a quick guide of all the Deadpool essentials and cool action figures & toys featuring him.


Deadpool Blu-Ray

Deadpool Blu-ray Movie

The Deadpool movie has launched the character into the mainstream and if you fell in love with him as much as we did, you might want to bring his spectacular cinematic adventure to your own place. Amazon have a pre-order page for the Deadpool movie where you can buy the movie in Blu-ray, digital or DVD even before it launches. The year has just started, but we are pretty sure we will be seeing this film in all of the “best movies of the year” lists to come, as the work the staff did is nothing short of incredible, and is one of the best super hero introduction movies we have ever seen. Frankly, we can’t wait until the X-force movies and Deadpool 2 come out. The price of this movie varies depending on your preferred platform, but you will be paying between $19.99 and $29.99.

Deadpool Movie Poster

Deadpool Movie Poster


While you wait for the movie to actually get released, you can celebrate the character with the Deadpool Movie poster, which is totally in tune with what we saw in the film. One thing fans really liked about the movie is just how faithful the suit is when compared to what we saw in the comic books, from the mask to the textures of his costume to even Deadpool’s mannerisms, jokes, and fourth-wall breaks – all of which can be inferred even from this movie poster. You can buy it for just over $20 USD with shipping included.

The Deadpool Video Game

Deadpool game cover


Did you know? Before the movie even came out, Deadpool was already huge with comic book fans, and his reputation alone was enough to make him the star of Deadpool, a fantastic video game by High Moon and Activision that originally came out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. After the movie was announced, the game was re-released for the new generation of consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One with enhanced graphics and higher resolution, which finally gave the already-amazing game the boost in its reputation it deserved. It was a fantastic game to begin with, but now it truly shines with all of Deadpool’s characteristic moments and charm along with fantastic third person action. You can get it for around $40 USD, a bit more or less depending on your platform of choice.

Deadpool Toys

Of course the Merc with a Mouth has inspired a few incredible figurines and a few budget ones! He’s been huge from even before the movies came out so there’s plenty to choose from. Here are our picks

Kotobukiya Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX+ Statue

Deadpool Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue


KOTOBUKIYA figurines are famed across the world for its spectacular quality and amazing level of detail. This Japanese import is part of a series that features some of Marvel Comics most popular characters which obviously had to include Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. The Kotobukiya Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX+ Statue is part of the ARTFX+ and features Wade along with his blades, getting ready to spring into action. It comes with pouches, extra ammunition, spare weapons, pointy hood with mask, and all of the details that make Deadpool who he is – even his belt featuring his own personal brand! These statues, sculpted by Junnosuke Abe are a premium product only for true fans, and stand at 6 inches tall. You can buy your own for $62.99 plus free shipping.

Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure

Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure


If you thought the previous figurine was detailed, wait until you see the Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure. This is an extremely rare, highly sought collectible figure from Sideshow, and features Wade Wilson armed and dangerous in a fully articulated figurine that will just blow you away with the level of detail. His costume looks plainly incredible with its fantastic texture, and his stylized proportions make him stand tall and like a badass among other figurines. It comes with two handsome portraits and all kind of weapons, but here’s the drawback: being that this is a very rare product only for the most hardcore of the fans, with the highest possible quality it has a price to match. You can purchase yours for $259.99 + $11.99 shipping. Don’t expect this to go on sale any time soon, and buy it fast before they run out!

Deadpool Marvel Select Action Figure

Deadpool Marvel Select Action Figure

For a more budget option, we particularly like the Deadpool Marvel Select Action Figure. He sports a more traditional look here, as if taken straight from the X-force comics from the 90s, as if Rob Liefeld himself had drawn him. This figurine is fully articulate for posing and includes sais instead of katanas, but comes with a few guns. You can purchase this figurine for just under $33 USD.

POP Marvel: Deadpool Vinyl Bobble-head Figure

Deadpool Funko POP Vynil Bobble-head

The entire world is crazy about POP! Funko Figurines, and part of that is the artificial bubble around them paired with the limited quantities of the figurines. Say what you will about that, but the fact is that wouldn’t account for anything if the figurines weren’t incredibly cute and awesome. This also applies to the Deadpool Funko Pop Figurine which is nothing short of adorable, but also really cheap at just $11.53 . Get it before it becomes a collectors item.

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Lady Deadpool

.Deadpool Kotobukiya Bishoujo Lady Deadpool


Have you ever heard of the infamous rule 63 of the internet? It says that For every given male character, there is a female version of that character – which is true for Deadpool except it didn’t take an Internet denizen to become true, and this is actually a real character. Wanda Wilson is a female counterpart to Wade Wilson from another reality, and ever since her debut in 2010 she became a fan favorite, to the point where she even got her Kotobukiya Bishoujo Lady Deadpool figurine done in similar fashion as the male counterpart. This one costs $79.94, which albeit kind of expensive, it’s worth it because of the level of detail.

Deadpool Metallic Chrome Figure Set of 8 Chimichanga Truck Packag

Deadpool Metallic Chrome Figure Set of 8 Chimichanga Truck Package

This is kind of a joke set but it’s still awesome. This is an extremely limited edition set of figurines with 8 different versions of Deadpool done in an incredibly cute style – and all of them come inside a chimichanga truck. You can get your own for $39.99.

Deadpool Suit

Deadpool is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon, but it will be a while until we start seeing the really cool Deadpool Costumes for Halloween. While we wait for those, here are some clothes that pay homage to the character without being exactly cosplay.

Deadpool Hoodie Leather Jacket

Deadpool Hoodie

Now here’s something for those who don’t mind getting attention in public places. A red leather jacket by itself will make heads turn, but if it’s themed after the Merc with a Mouth, heads are gonna roll instead! The Deadpool Leather Jacket is a fantastic holiday gift idea which you can get for between $119 and $129 USD, depending on your size. Winter is about to be over, but Deadpool is going to be cool forever, right guys?

Deadpool Socks

Deadpool Socks

Whoa, calm down, we said Deadpool Socks, not Deadpool sucks! These are 98% Polyester/2% Spandex socks that can be machine washed. These are incredibly cheap and cost less than $9 USD for a pair. They might seem tacky, but that’s kind of the point: this is exactly what Deadpool would wear if he was a fan of Deadpool.

Deadpool Comics

Deadpool’s most iconic adventures all come from different comic books, and out of all the editions out there, it’s the Omnibus ones that became our favorites. These are huge compilations of several stories, runs and sagas by different authors that make fantastic packages for those who want to get into the character but don’t know where to start.

Deadpool Classic Omnibus

Deadpool Classic Omnibus Comic


Deadpool Classic Omnibus is a beast of a compilation. This hard-cover behemoth has 1299 pages of Deadpool goodness where you can see Wade Wilson fight for or against the likes of Loki, Thor, Copycat, Black Panther and many more throughout the first few issues of the regular series from 1997. This is a fantastic place to start if you’ve never read a comic book, but want a piece of history that will last you for the ages. It costs $102.43 USD.

Deadpool & Cable Omnibus

Deadpool & Cable Omnibus Comic


Another gigantic compilation, the Deadpool & Cable Omnibus compiles 50 issues of the series of the same name, where you see the Merc with a Mouth embark on different adventures and contracts alongside Nathan Summers, AKA Cable, AKA Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone’s son from an alternate future. Sounds complicated? The point is they are both incredible characters, and being that Cable will be one of the main characters featured in an eventual X-force movie or Deadpool 2, you might want to get to know him  Believe us, it is going to be worth it.

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