Diablo III Fingernail Art

Seems like Diablo 3 was all the Internet could talk about in the last few days. We have to wonder, now, does this translate well to Fingernail art? And the answer would be yes, yes it does. Diablo-3-Fingernail-Art

We are amazed at all the talk Diablo 3 has caused: chances are that if you’re not playing Diablo 3 right now, it’s probably because you’re looking for some Diablo 3 related media. Or because the game won’t let you log in, whatever. In any case, enjoy these. DeviantART user Undomiele created this impressive Diablo 3 fingernail art set depicting the High Heavens and Burning Hells. And the best part, is that she included a how to, so if you want these for youself, just check the video below.

Via: Global Geek News

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