Diablo III: Wrath Animated Short

Check out this fantastic six-minute cartoon based on the upcoming Diablo III.

Diablo 3 Wrath Cartoon Image 1

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I don’t know much about the Diablo series from Blizzard, and whenever I see game play for it, well, let’s just say that it doesn’t take that long for me to get distracted by something else. Then again, I’m the easily distractible type – oh, cool! Someone made a wooden portable NES! And it runs on original cartridges, sweet!

Oops. Heh, sorry… (You see, what I mean.)

Getting back on point though, now, the quickest way for something to light my interest like a July 4th firecracker, is if there’s an awesome cartoon attached to your marketing. Spoilers: I happen to be a huge enthusiast for the animated medium ever since my parents decided to use the TV as a cheap alternative for a baby-sitter. Hey, times were tough back then, and I turned out okay… I think.

With the release of Diablo III almost upon us, May 15, 2012 – which I hear from trusted Internet sources will most likely become the next video game crack – Blizzard commissioned a six-minute animated short, called Diablo III: Wrath, that just hit the web, and boy, while I might not understand a lick of what’s going on, it sure is flippin’ pretty to look at. And for mighty good reason, it’s directed by Peter Chung.

Diablo 3 Wrath Cartoon Image 2

Peter Chung’s easily recognized claim to fame is Aeon Flux, a striking animated series about the adventures of a female secret agent in a dystopian future, where two different societies, one a police-state and the other anarchistic, wage a covert-war against each other. If you’ve lived through the early 1990s and had cable TV, you might remember this first appearing as part of MTV’s Liquid Television line-up.

You know, I’m pretty sure when it originally aired (I believe when I was 8 or 9?), I definitely wasn’t in the recommended viewing audience; Aeon Flux was a mind-blowing eye-feast of A-grade violence and sexual innuendos, and I’m certain it was because of such edgy attributes (at least at that time), which turned the show into an instant success and gave it cult-hit status among the nerdy animation crowd of today.

There’s nothing to that bizarre-degree in the Diablo III: Wrath animated short – just a bunch of angels and demons beating the living poo-poo out of each other – but again, it’s beautifully animated, and a cool watch even if Diablo isn’t your cup of gaming tea.

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