What Happens when Disco Balls Melt?

Talk about taking “disco inferno” to the next level. Did you even know that disco balls could melt? Neither did I.


Now there’s something you don’t see everyday. I’ve heard that things that get pretty out of control on the disco floor, but I’ll have to say the idea of seeing one of those glittering disco balls suddenly fall melted to the floor hasn’t really ever crossed my mind, though it is an interesting sight.


According to our source, Thaeger, these bizarre blobs of has-been dazzle were created by an artist group named Rotganzen. I have no idea what gave them the inspiration for this project, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they watched Terminator 2 just before heading out to go clubbing and somehow decided to fuse the liquid-cyborg from the future concept with a 70s staple.


In a way, they also kind of look like melted marshmallows, or deflated basketballs. I’d be curious to find out if they are still solid, of if they’ve become putty in their dripping states. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed watching what happens when disco balls melt as much as I did.


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