Disney Goes Steampunk!

Disney characters are so adorable and lovable… that is, until they jump on the bandwagon and get the steampunk treatment. Steampunk artwork of characters adds a grittier, dark edge to characters that don’t necessarily had it to begin with, although we can agree that some Disney characters were pretty dark to begin with. These versions of the characters add a touch of retro-future that we can’t help but love, and wish someone would animate. If you thought Disney was just for kids, think again about how awesome these versions would be on a big screen.

Steampunk Mulan


The already-not-so-sweet Chinese princess now carries a whooping gun and armor. Imagine her riding a steam-operated dragon and becoming the mightiest warrior alive.

Steampunk Pinocchio


The wooden marionette is now a cyborg. He looks like a cross between the classic Pinocchio and a T-800. Also, his armband carrying a hologram of Jiminy Cricket is a really cool touch.

Steampunk Rapunzel

The defining characteristic of Rapunzel (from “Tangled”) was her long, blond hair. In this version, she looks way tougher, but still sweet, and her outfit is entirely new. Looks like a perfect fit for a Final Fantasy game.

Steampunk Jack & Sally


Oh, boy, is this special or what? Not only are we dealing with undead characters (they’re the protagonists of “The Nightmare Before Christmas, by Tim Burton, which was already pretty dark and gloomy), but now they also carry armor and outfits that put the Red Baron to shame.

Steampunk Clopin


The jovial gipsy from “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame” tones down the goofiness, and looks like a ruler of the streets, the perfect conman. Watch out, ladies, he looks more charming than ever.

Steampunk Ursula


Ursula remains as evil-looking as she did before, but now she could actually pass for one of Doctor Octopus’ closest allies. In the steampunk version, the Little Mermaid Ariel would find the Nautilus, and realize she wanted to see the surface world, a post-apocalyptic chasm where humans that didn’t adapt to the sea live.

Steampunk Hook


For some reason we can’t quite understand, pirates and Steampunk go perfectly well together, and this take on Peter Pan’s nemesis, Hook, is no exception. Hook looks ready to command his men through the longest wars, and emerge victorious.

Steampunk Maleficent


This comes to show we should get more steampunk wizards. There’s so much untapped potential, here. Pay special attention to the mechanical parrot, our favorite addition to an already kickass design.

Steampunk Hades


Hercules’ uncle, the ruler of the Underworld, looks deliciously evil. The armor plates covering his body are insanely cool, while his arrogance could put it in the same league as the Joker or Kefka.

Steampunk Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil is probably Disney’s angriest character: she knows how to make herself heard. In this version, she remains a member of aristocracy, but this time around she could fit a Queen’s Court, or even rule her own island with an iron fist.

Steampunk Beast


Classy, intellectual, yet powerful and fear-inducing: the basic characteristics of Beast from “Beauty & The Beast” remain but are enhanced in a beautiful design that combines the new and the old, and delivers something absolutely kickass.

Source: GeeksAreSexy

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