Disney World Recreated In Minecraft

The most magical place on Earth now is also the blockiest. Notch’s invention, Minecraft, still proves to be awesome as long as the user has a vision.disney-minecraft

This huge project started with one man and ended with a team of over 25. You can read the author explaining the idea and sort of doing a mini tour (along with many, many pictures) over at the r/minecraft subreddit of the reddit community. Or, hell, if you happen to be a Minecraft user dive straight in using the data here. You’ll see Magic Kingdom recreated in its entirety, with even working rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Space Mountain. Hell yes, now going to Disney World doesn’t have to be expensive anymore!

Thanks to the Geeky Gadgets team for this lead. Also, check out more Minecraft over here at Pulverize Dirt Cubes With This Working Minecraft Block and The Minecraft Tissue Box Helps You Survive a Cold.