The Minecraft Tissue Box Helps You Survive a Cold

Minecraft is, besides the creative aspect, about finding ways to survive, so ask yourself: what to do when you have a cold? Well, this box is the answer.


Tamara Hudson seems to be a devoted Minecraft fan, but also, someone who understands how important personal hygiene is. Surviving implies more than just building a refuge  in which to hide from the Mobs, and us humans are afflicted sometimes by conditions like a cold that need to be taken care of. If you are as addicted to Minecraft as we are, you might want to carry this obsession over to real life (because being a gamer is a lifestyle!), and we have a solution for you.

If you head over to Hudson’s Etsy store, you can do exactly that by getting this cute Minecraft Tissue Box for mere 3 dollars, or half of that if you’re buying more than one product. Nothing will be able to stop you from creating an absolute architectonic masterpiece after this, not even the nastiest snot, and in the end, that’s what Notch’s game is all about: being ready for anything. Now go, and make us proud, Tiger.

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