District 9 Arc Gun Papercraft Doesn’t Hurt People or Aliens

District 9 was an amazing movie which was released a few years ago, and everyone would remember the battles that took place between the aliens and humans, and the cool weapons that were used.

Matt Milam is an artist and technical writer, who has created the wonderful full sized Papercraft District 9 Gun. This artistic representation of the assault rifle seems to underline the importance of weaponry used in District 9.

Matt’s idea was to build a particularly menacing papercraft gun that would be central to his art collection. He had to go through a lot of difficulties to build the 40 inch long assault rifle, which one sees at the end of District 9 movie.

Matt only used 8.5 X 11 Inch computer paper to build the gun and he used some foam board to build the core skeleton. With the help of some amazing paint, Matt was able to recreate the District 9 gun in the most menacing manner possible.

Perhaps this Papercraft District 9 Arc Gun seems to suggest that weapons are best when they are harmless, and made in paper, cardboard or any other material for the purpose of art. If weapons are built to actually hurt people, they cease to be cool. Science fiction is not just about mindless futuristic gadgets or fantastic galactic voyages.

Using futuristic gadgets and alien life as peripheral themes, most sci-fi movies, games and fiction try to explore human qualities like quest for adventure, the fear f the unknown, and the fear of non-existence. District 9 was one of those movies that explored themes of alienation and segregation which was commonly experienced by people during the apartheid period in South Africa.In fact, aliens who live a parallel life amidst humans in a segregated manner seem to be a metaphor for the segregation of the coloured and the white people during the apartheid regime in South Africa.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets