Star Wars Filmed with Action Figures

If you’ve ever wanted to see the many official Star Wars action figures put to good use, check out this awesome recreation of some key scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Shows like Robot Chicken have made stop-motion animation with the use of action figures much more popular and it has a tendency to focus on Star Wars as well. No doubt, beyond the obvious love that many have for the series, its popularity in such media is also due to the fact that there are roughly one zillion Star Wars action figures that have been made. Do you know who Ponda Baba is, or can you recognize a GNK droid? I’d be willing to bet that the average fan of Star Wars doesn’t and can’t, but these two minor characters have action figures nonetheless.

Star Wars Action Figure Movie

The first scene covers various parts of the opening, including a fight between Stormtroopers and rebel troopers. Some other key scenes include “Look sir, droids!”, Luke getting attacked by a Tusken Raider, and Darth Vader choking out an insubordinate subordinate. The crowning scene, however, is the famous “cantina scene”. Sure, it’s been done and redone and parodied and re-parodied a million times, but with something like this you simple have to do it. Not only is it a fun and weird scene, it also provides the perfect opportunity to show off all the action figures of one-shot characters.

Momaw Nadon, Labria, Kabe, and many other obscure figures appear here just as briefly as they do in the film. After that, we get a lightsaber battle between Vader and Obi-Wan followed by a fantastic reenactment of the Battle of Yavin where Luke blows up the Death Star from his X-Wing. It would be incredible to see the whole film done like this, but even these three minutes of footage come off as a pretty awesome creation. If you enjoy this, definitely make sure to check out the Pet AT-AT Video and this Star Wars Subway Flash Mob.

Via: Topless Robot