Batman in the Shoes of Marty McFly

You might call this Bat to the Future, with Batman/Bruce Wayne taking on the role of Marty McFly. Whatever you want to name it, it’s complete geek awesomeness, having the greatest superhero of all time (in my opinion) in the role of the protagonist of the Back to the Future films, with the first one being the greatest (in my humble opinion) film in geek culture history.

It’s hard to say about a certain single scene from the first movie that it’s more memorable than others, as the movie, 27 years since first showing on the cinema screen, is a complete 116 minutes of memorable, immortalized moments. Still, when Marty steps into the Diner, sees his dad, meets young Biff and the gang for the first time. I’m pretty sure I’m not discovering the atom to anybody, but still, maybe you forgot –

From ‘Think McFly, think…” to “Hey McFly, your shoe’s untied…”, I think most fans of the movie(s) and even those who aren’t obsessed with the Flux capacitor and life in Hill Valley through the span of 130 years know most of that scene by heart.

Well, Marty keeps his cool while getting harrassed in this one, although his second visit to the diner and a meeting with Biff’s gang did go a little differently. Manure, Biff’s car, the first skateboard, you know the drill.

What If – Well, Jason Welbron took the What If scenario to the creative place, putting Batman in the place of Marty, and giving Harley Quinn the opportunity to say the line – Get a Load of this guy’s life preserver… I’m pretty sure Batman wouldn’t have waited for his second time around to teach Biff a lesson.