DIY Lego coin sorter is all sorts of retro and awesome

Ah Legos! We’ve all seen cool builds made with our favorite colored blocks, but every once in a while, something comes out that’s more than just for show.


Instructables’ very own sherrycayheyhey though, has come up with something that’s not only retro-cool with the age-old building blocks, but also super useful. Never mind busting bricks for money to afford the more popular, tacky and overpriced coin sorters you find at the nearest trend-shop. For just a few bucks, you can worry less about putting the hammer to your piggy bank to spend, and a lot more time into keeping your change sorted. Handy? You bet.


With a little bit of creative magic, and using the size of the coins as a guide for them to fall into the proper slots, you can have yourself a super functional, and gorgeous coin sorter to add a bit of flair to your geek lair. The best part? you can alter the outer “casing” of the coin sorter with any pattern you can pull off with legos without a problem.

Interested in making your own? Check out the video below for instructions on making your own.

The best part about projects like these isn’t just their inherent usefulness but also the sheer simplicity required to make something that’s useful on a day to day basis. So if anyone still firmly believes that legos are just for children after cool projects like this come along, I’m going to have serious doubts about the creativity and craftiness of humankind. Legos remain one of the coolest “toys” out there, and I for one, can’t wait to see what other cool projects we’ll see with them in the future.

Source: Instructables

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