Nintendo Direct 8.07.2013 – Animal Crossing Plaza App Launches and Other New Details

Jump on in to learn about future Nintendo releases and general newsy tidbits from this Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct.

Wii U Animal Crossing Plaza image

We’re finally back to entree-sized Nintendo Directs as opposed to last month’s appetizer, but unfortunately this meal lacks the “shocking news” of the former; kind of hard to beat the sudden release of a culmative cult role-playing game such as Earthbound to be fair.

That said, there is still some quality highlights and details from Wednesday’s presser – albeit from Nintendo exclusives shown in past Nintendo Directs – including the likes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, and a bit more.

Without much stalling let’s quickly run down the important bits from today’s proceedings with videos provided by Nintendo, GameXplain, and other helpful outlets listed below:

Animal Crossing Plaza App Available Now on Wii U eShop –

(Thanks to cubed3tv)

– A free Miiverse-integrated application that hosts hundreds of Animal Crossing characters, and where users can find out information about upcoming calendar events and socially interact with other players.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – New Gameplay and Story Details

– Officially confirmed to take place many years after its Super Nintendo predecessor (A Link to the Past), meaning this iteration of Link is likely to be a descendant of said previous title.

Sonic Lost World – New Gameplay Footage and Wii U/3DS Cross-platform Features

– Wii U/3DS versions come out on the same day (October 22) and share special co-op and communication features between each other via local wireless.

Mario & Luigi Costumes Coming to Rayman Legends –

(Thanks to Ubisoft)

Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Announced for a North American and European Release in 2014 –

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Due Out Next Year in North America, Nov. 8th in Europe –

Art Academy: SketchPad Hits the Wii U eShop August 9 –

– This latest Art Academy title displays tools and stationery from an upcoming Wii U title that now allows users to post screenshots of their artwork on the Miiverse. The future full-release of Art Academy will have interactive tutorials and art lessons.

Pokemon Rumble U Shakes Up the eShop on August 29 –

(Thanks to GamersPrey)

– An eShop Pokemon brawler that uses NFC tech to scan figures – much akin to Activision’s Skylanders – into the game, where up-to-four players can battle each other. 18 figures will be available at GameStop ($4 each), but are merely an optional requirement.

Nintendo also made mentioned of a Wonderful 101 focused Nintendo Direct that should premier on Friday, so keep close tabs on their social links to find out more about Platinum Game’s crazy-looking Wii U exclusive that’s being released on September 15 in North America.

That does it for this Nintendo Direct while we’re at it, but make sure to keep it here on for more geeky news, Portal “Catpanion Cube” cat houses, and a remote-controlled replica of Disney’s WALL-E that is sure to make you smile instantly.