Doctor Who Tardis Poster

One of the more interesting things that could happen in a banal room is decorating it with weird posters. This cool Doctor Who Tardis Poster is not only weird but pretty cool as well, and any room that gets a poster like this will surely stop looking mundane.

There was something incredibly cool about Tardis and even till this day, many of us vouch for the good ol’TV Show and continue watching it. With that in mind, Doctor Who fans who always wanted to time travel in Tardis will certainly love this amazing poster which is up for grabs. The poster has famous and quirky dialogues written in the shape of Tardis.

The poster will make for a cool conversational topic. The Doctor Who Tardis Poster Art Print features words and phrases uttered by none other than The Doctor himself and are even shaped like the time machine. Moreover, the poster is inspired by just the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors and they sure look like they could be bought any moment to impress all your geeky friends.

The poster has been created by SkahfeeStudios, who specialize in digital typography art prints. Each poster measures 11″ x 14″ and is printed on professional grade Supra Endura VC Digital Paper by Kodak. The print apparently will remain as good as new even after 100 years, and that is quite an unbelievable claim to make. However, if Kodak makes such a claim, then it’s got to be true. The poster costs $25 and is a great way to get into the geek groove.

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